Finger Count 1 – 3 / Online Counting Game for Preschoolers

Finger count 1 – 3! In this free online counting game for pre-k kids, they will practice finger counting from 1 – 3.

This simple and quick game will help young ones build their confidence in counting from 1 – 3 on their fingers. To play, click on the next finger and say the number out loud.

Tip: Encourage your young one to follow along displaying the correct number of fingers as the bee moves across the page.

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How to Play Finger Counting Game

Click on the play button to play the instruction video or click the x to close the video.

Click on the correct number to move the number along the fingers.

Learning Outcomes

Young ones will start to build confidence in using their fingers to count from 1 – 3. They will build familiarity with the sequence as well as quantity value of numbers.

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Tips for Playing Free Online Games For Preschoolers and Pre-K

Here are some tips for playing our free online games:

  • Keep the sound on where possible to allow your young ones to hear as well as see the numbers
  • Encourage your youngster to count aloud and count along with the counting games
  • Think about how the key concepts can be applied in real life situations
  • Bookmark our site so you can come back and play new games