Find Two More – Free Online Numeracy Game

Here’s an engaging and educational online game called “Find Two More.” In this game, your child will see a number displayed at the top of the screen. Their task is to find the cute crab, turtle, or snail carrying the number that is two more than the number shown. This activity combines fun with learning, helping to reinforce an essential math skill.

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The Secret to Learning is Regular Practice

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Tips for Parents:

  1. Encourage Practice: Regularly playing this game will help your child become more comfortable with numbers and the idea of ‘two more.’
  2. Discuss Strategies: Engage with your child about their strategies. Ask how they determine which number is two more and encourage them to explain their thought process.
  3. Celebrate Success: Praise your child’s correct answers and progress to keep the experience positive and encouraging.
  4. Play Together: Occasionally join in the game, taking turns finding the correct animal. This not only makes learning enjoyable but also gives you an opportunity to connect over educational activities.
  5. Set Goals: Set small, achievable goals for each session, such as finding ten correct animals, to give your child a sense of accomplishment.

Learning Outcome: By playing “Find Two More,” your child will practice the concept of incrementing numbers by two, which is crucial for their understanding of addition and number sequences. This game aids in enhancing number recognition, counting skills, and basic addition, providing a strong foundation for future math concepts.