What is Numboodles?

Numboodles is an online numeracy game platform. All of our games are designed to help young learners develop and practice key numeracy skills.

What Topics are Covered?

When your young ones play games on Numboodles, they will practice key skills such as counting, ordering, learning about size and shapes, subitizing and more!

Who is Numboodles For?

Numboodles is designed for parents, carers and educators of preschool, early learning children and kindergarten/infant school children.

Who Creates Numboodles Games?

We do! We create all Numboodles games in house. We are always pleased to hear ideas for new games and content.

Why Are There Ads?

In line with our policy to make educational games available to all families, we took the decision to support our site with revenue from adverts.

Can I Make the Ads Go Away?

Yes! Join our supporters club. For just $2 a month, you can experience the ad-free version of Numboodles.

How Do I Play Numboodles Games?

Numboodles can be played on any mobile, laptop or desktop device with mouse and touch screen input. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can play Numboodles games.