Count 1 – 5 With The Bouncing Bunnies Song

Practice counting 1 – 5 with the bouncing bunnies 🙂 This counting song is perfect for young learners to learn and practice counting 1 – 5. Sign along and join the bouncing bunnies. Scroll down and you’ll find a free printable activity to go with this song!

Download the Printable Activity

Bouncing Bunnies Count 1 – 5

Tips for Using Counting Songs With Your Young Ones

Counting song videos can be a fantastic way to engage your preschooler or toddler in learning numbers. Here are some tips to maximize the learning experience:

Active Participation:

  • Sing Along: Make it a singalong! Belt out the numbers with your child. This reinforces the sounds and sequence of counting.
  • Move and Groove: Many counting songs have actions built-in. Clap, jump, or stomp your feet along with the numbers. This adds a physical element and keeps things fun.
  • Point and Count: As the video shows objects being counted, point to them with your child and say the number together. This helps connect the visual with the auditory.

Taking it Beyond the Screen:

  • Real-World Counting: After watching the video, put the learning into practice. Count toys, snacks, or stairs together.
  • Interactive Games: Play hide-and-seek with 5 objects and have your child count how many they find.
  • Number Hunt: Write the numbers 1 to 5 on pieces of paper and hide them around the house. Let your child find them and put them in order.


  • Keep it Short: Young children have short attention spans. A couple of songs is plenty for one sitting.
  • Variety is Key: Rotate through different counting songs to keep things fresh and engaging.
  • Focus on Fun: The most important thing is for your child to enjoy the experience. Make it a positive and playful learning time.

By incorporating these tips, you can turn screen time into a valuable learning opportunity for your little one.