Alien Count The Dots – 1-10

Here’s a fun free online numeracy game to help youngsters practice counting numbers 1 – 10.

In this game, you will see that planets are shown with a number of dots. Players must count the dots and then drag the planet into the correct position.

The numbers will appear randomly, from 1 – 10 to give your young ones plenty of practice while having fun. The little alien is ready to jump around each time the correct planet is dragged into position.

To play the game, youngsters must count the dots on the planets an drag them into the correct position.

Play Alien Count the Dots

The Secret to Learning is Regular Practice

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Tips for Playing Alien Count the Dots Game

Here are some tips for playing this free online numeracy game:

  • Encourage the very young students to count the numbers out loud when counting, so you can hear their progression
  • Listen to the names of the numbers as the correct planet is dragged into position
  • There’s no penalty for getting it wrong, an ‘oops’ sound will play, but there will be no loss of points, so youngsters can practice without unnecessary pressure.

Drag and Drop Games

In addition to helping youngsters practice counting, this game features drag and drop functionality which is useful for helping young ones develop their fine motor skills.

Drag and drop games are fantastic for young children to develop their motor skills for a few reasons:

  • Improved hand-eye coordination: Dragging an object on the screen requires precise control of the mouse or finger. This back-and-forth between eye and hand strengthens the connections between the brain and muscles.
  • Refined grasping skills: Clicking and holding (or tapping and dragging on a touchscreen) strengthens the small muscles in the fingers and hand. These skills are important for future tasks like writing and manipulating objects.
  • Enhanced dexterity: Drag and drop games often involve moving objects around obstacles or into specific slots. This requires controlled movements and helps with overall hand dexterity.

Drag and drop games are fun to play and we use them a lot at Numboodles. So it’s a win-win for learning and development!