Counting 1 – 5 Song – Counting Panda

Learning to count is a fundamental skill for little ones, and what better way to practice than with a fun and wiggly friend? Today, we’re introducing you to the Dancing Panda, a counting superstar who will have your preschooler dancing and learning in no time!

Scroll down to find the free printable counting activity which accompanies this counting 1 – 5 song.

As well as singing along with this song, there are many ways to keep the counting practice going:

  • Counting everyday objects: Encourage your child to count toys, steps, or pieces of fruit.
  • Counting games: Play simple games like hide-and-seek, counting how many times you call their name.
  • Number books: Browse colorful picture books that highlight numbers and counting.

Free Printable Count 1 – 5 Activity

Here’s a fun counting activity for your young one. Count the pandas and write the correct number in the circles 🙂

Download worksheet:

Panda Count 1 – 5

More Resources for Counting and Basic Numeracy

We have a treasure trove of resources to help your preschooler master counting and other basic numeracy skills! Check out our website for:

  • Printable counting worksheets
  • Coloring pages featuring numbers and shapes
  • Interactive counting games

Let the Dancing Panda be your guide on this exciting learning journey! With a little song, dance, and exploration, your preschooler will be a counting whiz in no time.