Free Printable Numbers and Dots Dominoes

Are you on the lookout for engaging and educational activities to help your little ones grasp the fundamentals of numbers? Look no further! We’re thrilled to introduce our numbers and dots dominoes, a fantastic game designed specifically for young children to learn how to match numbers to quantities of objects.

What is numbers and dots dominoes?

This is a simple rendition of the classic game of dominoes, tailored for kids who are learning numbers 1 – 6. Designed in black and white, these are cheap to print out at home and also ensure that players are matching numbers to quantities, rather than colors.

How Does It Work?

The concept is simple yet effective: children match the dots on the dominoes to the corresponding numeral. For example, if they see a domino with four dots on one side they’ll place a tile that has either the number 4 or 4 dots. Otherwise, the rues are just the same as ever for dominoes. It’s a hands-on way to reinforce the relationship between numbers and quantities, setting a solid foundation for future math skills.

Why Choose This Dominoes Game?

  1. Educational Value: It isn’t just about fun—it’s about learning, too! By engaging with numbers in a playful context, children develop number recognition and counting skills organically.
  2. Suitable for Various Skill Levels: Whether your child is just starting to learn their numbers or needs extra practice, the game is a quick and easy way to keep them interested while learning.
  3. Easy to Store and Carry: Once printed and cut-out, this domino set takes no space meaning you can keep it with you to use at any time you have a few minutes to kill.

Happy learning, and enjoy the game!

Just click the button below to download your free PDF dominoes game.

Numbers & Dots Dominoes