Numeracy Flash Cards – Numbers 1 – 10 (Color)

These numeracy flash cards will help young ones practice learning the numbers from 1 – 10 and will be a great off-line accompaniment to our FREE online counting games which you will find HERE! These cards are in color, however if you prefer, we have a black and white version which is more economical to print and can also be used as coloring pages which you will find here – Black and White Flashcards.

Download and print these freenumber flash cards and help you young one learn to count and to recognize numbers and number order. You will see there are two versions for each number, one featuring just the numeral and the other with the number of icons representing this number. Use the versions together, separately or combined to make two-sided cards.

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How to Print The Number 1 – 10 Flashcards

You will find that we have both letter and A4 sized pages for you to print, so this will give you perfect prints, whichever size you prefer.

We suggest printing the flashcards onto cardstock and laminating them (if you have access to a laminator) to give a long life. However, they work equally well printed on paper and allowing your youngster to add their own additions to the decor!

If you want to make two-sided cards, we suggest cutting the cards from the cardstock and adhering the backs of the cards together to make two-sided cards.

More Numeracy Free Printables

We have lots more free printable worksheets which you can download and help your young ones practice key numeracy skills at home. You will find them HERE.

How to Use Flashcards

Get your young ones comfortable counting from 1 – 10 with flashcards. These 1 to 10 number cards can be used for many activities at home. Mix them up and encourage your young one to put them in order or to find the card that’s one bigger than (or one smaller than). You can also make a fun treasure hunt by putting the cards around the room and letting the youngsters find them one to one and put them in order.

Another idea is to use flashcards as memory games. Place the cards face up on the table and remove one or two (for the easiest version). Youngsters have to look at the cards and see which numbers are missing.

Download The Color Flashcards

A4 Size

Letter Size

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