Pick the Correct Monster – Online Math Game for Kindergarten

Read the description and find the correct monster! Count the eyes and check the color to ensure you have the right monster. You can see some more details on how to play down the page.

Read the description at the top of the page and then look and see if you can find the correct monster.

You will need to know the numbers from 1 – 5 and colors to play this game 🙂

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How to Play Our Pick the Correct Monster Game

After the game loads, click the play button to get started.

Some brief instructions are displayed and clicking the OK button will start the game.

At the top of the screen is a written description of a monster. The player has to click or tap the monster whose color and number of eyes matches the description.

If the player picks the wrong monster, however, they’ll lose one of their lives. The number of lives they have is represented by the stars at the top left. If they lose all of these stars, the game will end.

If the player correctly selects 10 monsters without losing all their lives, they win the game.

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Tips for Playing Free Online Games For Preschoolers and Pre-K

Here are some tips for playing our free online games:

  • Keep the sound on where possible to allow your young ones to hear as well as see the numbers
  • Encourage your youngster to count aloud and count along with the counting games
  • Think about how the key concepts can be applied in real life situations
  • Bookmark our site so you can come back and play new games

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