Cute Gnomes 1 More 1 Less worksheets (1-10)

These free printable “one more, one less” worksheets are designed to make learning numbers 1 to 10 fun and engaging for your little explorer (ages 4-7).

Get Ready to Practice Numbers 1 – 10!

These worksheets offer a delightful combination of:

  • 10 free, playful gnome-themed activities: Each featuring a different silly and adorable gnome character.
  • Colorful and engaging: Vibrant and whimsical designs that capture your child’s imagination.
  • Printer-friendly: Easy to print and reuse, saving you paper and ink.

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Skills to Practice:

  • Counting: Practice counting forward and backward from 1 to 10.
  • Number Recognition: Identify numbers 1 to 10 visually.
  • Addition: Understand the concept of “one more” and add 1 to a given number (within 1-10).
  • Subtraction: Understand the concept of “one less” and subtract 1 from a given number (within 1-10).
  • Fine Motor Skills: Develop hand-eye coordination and penmanship skills through writing.

Let’s Go on a Gnome-tastic Learning Adventure!

  • Review the numbers 1 to 10 with your child before starting.
  • Explain “one more” and “one less” using simple language and everyday objects like toys or fruits.
  • Guide your child through the worksheets, demonstrating how to write the number before or after the one shown.
  • Be patient and encouraging! Learning takes time and practice, so celebrate every step of progress.

Download our free worksheets today and watch your little one blossom in math skills while having a gnome-tastic time!

Download One More One Less Puzzles

Gnome 1-10