Cactus 1 More 1 Less worksheets (1-20)

Looking for a prickly-good way to engage your little learner in early math? Look no further than these adorable, free printable “one more, one less” worksheets featuring everyone’s favorite desert dwellers – cacti!

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Bloom into Math Mastery

These worksheets are perfect for young explorers aged 4-7, covering the numbers 1 to 20 in a fun and interactive format. They’ll help your child blossom in essential math skills while enjoying the company of our spiky friends.

What’s in the Pot?

  • 10 free, printable cactus-themed worksheets: Each featuring a different charming cactus character.
  • Colorfully engaging: Fun, vibrant designs that keep your child engaged and excited.
  • Printer-friendly: Easy to print and reuse, saving you paper and ink.

Growing Skills, One Step at a Time:

  • Counting: Practice counting forward and backward from 1 to 20.
  • Number Recognition: Identify numbers 1 to 20 visually.
  • Addition: Understand the concept of “one more” and add 1 to a given number.
  • Subtraction: Understand the concept of “one less” and subtract 1 from a given number.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Develop hand-eye coordination and penmanship skills through writing.

Planting the Seeds of Learning:

  • Review the numbers 1 to 20 with your child before starting.
  • Explain “one more” and “one less” using simple language and real-life objects.
  • Guide your child through the worksheets, demonstrating how to write the number before or after the one shown.
  • Be patient and encouraging! Learning takes time and practice, so celebrate every step of the way.

Ready to sprout some math skills in your little one? Download our free worksheets today and watch their confidence grow alongside these adorable cacti friends!

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Cactus 1-20