What’s Next Colour Patterns Level 1

What colour comes next in this ABAB pattern? This is the first level of our patterning games and fun to play. You can see some more details on how to play down the page.

The Secret to Learning is Regular Practice

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This is a simple ABAB pattern and perfect for beginners. Take a look at the pattern and see what shape comes next.

This game will help youngsters learn and become familiar with patterns and sequences.

Drag the correct colored paintbrush over the end object to color it the next color in the sequence.

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How to Play Our Next Color Patterns Game

When the game starts, the player will see a quick introduction to how to play. Click or tap the arrow button to start playing.

The 6th icon is grayed out and the player needs to select which color this icon should be. Select the colored brush at the bottom of the game.

Drag the colored brush and drop it onto the gray icon. If correct, you’ll see a successful message and move on to a new series.

If the player is wrong, however, they’ll lose one of their lives. The number of lives they have is represented by the love hearts at the top right. If they lose all of these hearts, the game will end.

Each time the player correctly completes a pattern, they’ll win a small star at the top left of the screen

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Tips for Playing Free Online Games For Preschoolers and Pre-K

Here are some tips for playing our free online games:

  • Keep the sound on where possible to allow your young ones to hear as well as see the numbers
  • Encourage your youngster to count aloud and count along with the counting games
  • Think about how the key concepts can be applied in real life situations
  • Bookmark our site so you can come back and play new games

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