Snowman Match Game

Match the snowman in this free online matching game for preschoolers. In this game, youngsters will look at the snowman at the top of the page and then try to find the same snowman. There are nine snowmen to choose from and the players will need to look closely as some differences are quite subtle! Also, unlike the penguin match game, the snowmen fall at different angles and overlap each other slightly to make this slightly more tricky!

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Tips for playing this game:

  • Encourage youngsters to look carefully at the snowman at the top and look for key features (for example, does it have a hat, if so, what color) and then look for similar snowmen on the page. Then look for other key features to make sure they match.
  • This is an ‘against the clock’ game, so youngsters need to see how many they can find in a minute
  • If this game is too tricky, check out the Match the Penguin game