What’s Next? Seaside Pattern Game – Level 2 (ABC)

This free online sequence game for preschool children will help them learn about patterns, sequencing and ordering shapes. This game has a whole variety of seaside and beach themed objects which are presented in different orders every time to ensure young players never get bored! This game presents three objects in ABC order. You will find we have ABAB as well more complex games available too so don’t forget to browse around the site or check out our Numboodles Club!.

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Tips for using this free online sequence game:

  • Very young learners might prefer to start with simple ABAB sequences.
  • The objects will vary each time to ensure that young ones don’t get bored.
  • Remember to look closely at the objects, some maybe similar colors but different shapes!
Free online sequencing game to practice ordering and patterns. A colorful seaside theme makes this fun to play.

You will get different combinations every time so young ones won’t get bored!

Online games for preschoolers – ABC patterns