Winter Order by Size Game for Preschoolers – Ordering Game

This ordering game is ideal for preschool learners and will help them recognise and order shapes from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest. Play this free online game for preschoolers on any device 🙂

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This free online game for preschool youngsters will help them practice their ordering skills. Youngsters can play this game on a computer/laptop with a mouse or on a touch screen device with their finger. If played with a mouse, this is a great way to help build mouse dexterity skills.

In this game they will order winter themed objects from the biggest to the smallest or from the smallest to the biggest. There are a range of different objects from gingerbread people to penguins: Therefore young ones can play this free online game over and over again without getting bored!

Order the objects following the instructions at the top of the game. Remember to press submit when finished!

Online Sorting Game Tips

Here are some tips for using this online game for preschoolers:

  • Remember to listen/read the instructions to sort either biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest
  • We always start sorting from left to right, therefore if we’re sorting biggest to smallest, the biggest will be on the left
  • Remember to click ‘SUBMIT’ when all the shapes are in order to check they are correct