More or Less – Cats and Dogs

Listen to the instructions and decide which has more or which has less. The cute cats and dogs make this a fun and engaging game to play.

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This game is designed to help young learners develop key comparison skills that help them recognize whether a group of objects is greater than or less than another. This game will also help build on counting skills and subitizing.

The objects are arranged in lines of three in this game to help make the recognition of numbers easier. Players may be able to tell which has more or less by looking rather than counting.

Tips for playing this game:

  • The objects are random each time so some will be easy to compare by sight, others may need to be counted to identify which has more/less
  • Different dogs and cats appear each time to help engage the player.
  • Remember, you are playing against the clock in this game!
  • If pre-readers forget the instructions, simply click on the audio button at the top of the page for the instructions to be replayed