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Finger Count – Superhero 1 – 10

In this finger counting game, youngsters will practice identifying numbers 1 – 10. Drag the number at the top of the page to the image of the hands displaying the correct number of fingers. This is a finger counting game…

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Finger Count 6 – 10

Your young one has mastered finger counting from 1 – 5? Great! Now it’s time to move on to counting from 6 – 10! Having mastered counting from 1 – 5, this game is designed to help young ones practice…

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Finger Count 1 – 5

Practice finger counting 1 – 5 with our fun counting game for preschoolers to play online! In this game, youngsters will count from 1 – 5 following the bee on his path. This count-along activity has been designed to help…

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