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Mathematics for preschoolers should be fun. This is why we’ve created Numboodles – to give pre-kindergarten youngsters a platform where they can play online games which will help them develop and reinforce key numeracy skills.

Whether it’s preschool math games to help beginners learn to count, games to help youngsters develop their sorting skills or subitizing skills, games to help them recognize shapes – we have an ever growing bank of fun activities to help them develop the rich treasure chest of foundational numeracy skills and concepts that preschoolers need.

What is Numboodles?

Numboodles is a learning platform where learning resources are cunningly disguised as games!

Numboodles focuses 100% on preschool mathematics games following successful preschool and early learning curriculum plans.

Our Numboodles club provides progressive games which will take complete beginners from their first 1,2,3 through to confidently being able to sort objects, recognize more or less, count to 20 and beyond – and much more!

New games are published every month to ensure that there is always something new and exciting to play.

Our young Numboodlers will unlock new games and content when the reach key milestones. Not only does this introduce a sense of achievement, it also ensures that little ones don’t get overwhelmed and move onto new concepts only when they are ready.

Why Online Games?

Online games are the perfect way to provide math learning resources as they can be played on computers, laptops, phones and tablets. Our games have been designed to work in all browsers and can be played with a mouse or on a touch screen depending on which device you are using.

While apps are great, they lack the clarity of working on a full size screen (plus, of course, there’s also the potential for some nasty in-app purchases or inappropriate ad to pop up and spoil the fun).

Our Numboodles platform gives you and your young ones a safe and ad-free environment to play and learn.

Games for the Littlest Learners (Numboodlings)

Here are some examples of Numboodles games for the very littlest of learners. The purpose of these simple games is to get young ones comfortable and familiar with the concept of playing Numboodles games and to introduce them to their very first numbers.

Example Game: Practice Counting 1 -3

Help youngsters master their very first counting skills by learning to count 1 2 3 on their fingers. Let them follow along with this game and get familiar with the sound and sequence of the numbers.

When they have mastered this, in the Numboodles platform they will find more finger counting resources and games to help them increase their finger counting through to 10.

Example Game: Find and Count 1 – 3

This is a game for youngsters to find and count three animals. Tap or click on each animal. Note how verbal instructions are given to help youngsters understand what they need to do.

This is just one of our find and count games which we have in a variety of themes with a wide appeal. This style of game develops so youngsters will develop sorting skills, recognizing bigger smaller and other essential numeracy skills.

Example Games for Numboodlers

As soon as youngsters have mastered counting 1 – 3 and are familiar with clicking or tapping on the screen to interact with games, they will graduate to becoming a Numboodler and they will move onto learning to count 1 – 10 and other essential key skills. New games will be unlocked as they reach new levels to prevent overwhelm.

Here are some examples:

Example Game: Panda count and sort (1 – 5)

Note there are two options with this game. Players can choose to play the game with the numbers presented sequentially (beginners) or randomly (for when youngsters have mastered counting 1 – 5). In this game players are reinforcing their counting skills while also beginning to subitize (this is where we recognize a quantity of objects as a whole, for example dots on a dice, rather than counting each one). More games in a similar style are available to help develop these skills as the player progresses.

Example Game: Penguin Match

This game has been designed to help youngsters develop skills to determine if objects are the same or different. In this game they must look for a penguin which is exactly the same as the penguin at the top of the page. There are plenty more games like this in Numboodles which progress in complexity as the young learner develops new skills.

Example Game: Number Path

This game has been designed for both pre-readers and beginner readers. Players will listen to the number and then click on the correct square. This game will reinforce the player’s recognition of numbers and numerals. The numbers in this game are not sequential to help decrease the dependence of counting when it comes to number recognition.

Example game: Cake Count

In this game players will look at the cake at the top of the page and then find this cake on the page. They will then drag the cake the correct number of times onto Piggy. Remember to count the numbers out loud as they do so!

Example Game: More or Less (Cats and Dogs)

In this game youngsters will start to develop comparison and reasoning skills as well as reinforce counting. They will listen to the question and assess whether there are more/less cats/dogs. Within Numboodles there are many more games in this style.

All Our Games And Much, Much More When You Join the Numboodles Club!

This is a taster of some of the games available in Numboodles. If you would like your youngster to join in the fun and access the ever growing base of fun yet educational online games, why not join our Numboodles club!

As a Numboodler, your youngster will have access to:

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