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Do you serve the pre-school audience and want to help them get ahead with their numeracy in a fun and engaging way?

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What Is Numboodles?

Numboodles is a fun play-based online numeracy program for pre-schoolers, designed to help youngsters build an essential foundation in mathematics.

Our Numboodlers learn early numeracy skills as taught in pre-school, making this an ideal program to complement your own pre-school program or resources.

Why Join Us As a Partner?

Numboodles is for parents, caregivers and educators of pre-schoolers

Numboodles helps to give pre-schoolers a head-start with their numeracy. The ideal customer will be someone who:

Who is Behind Numboodles?

Numboodles has been lovingly created by me, Kate Pullen. I have combined my 15 years teaching experience with my passion for game making to create a program specifically designed to help pre-schoolers progress in numeracy. I have been creating educational video games since 2010 for my own students and programs, and latterly extending this to creating educational games for other educators to incorporate into their own programs.

My experience is supported by selection of pre-school teachers who are providing invaluable guidance and support.

Join the Numboodles Partner Program

Click below to apply to join our partner program! To protect the credibility and focus of Numboodles, the program is open to people who serve the pre-school and early learning audience.